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Airsynergy’s Independent Smart Pole (ISP) provides an off-grid solution for the operation of abstraction of water from a remote area.


Northern Ireland Water authority has the responsibility of providing and monitoring water quality for the regions. The catchment for Lough Braden Waterworks is at Scraghey Burn near Omagh, in a remote forested area.

Historically the source has been manually operated by sending an operator to travel out to the weir and inspect the water quality. If ‘good’ the source was opened by way of manually opening valves and flooding the chamber, sending water to the treatment plant. Overland visits were happening between 2 and 6 times per month. Because of the difficulty and cost of access, no abstraction has taken place for 18 months.
Due to power requirements the Independent Smart Pole 2 (ISP2 80w 24/7) was determined to be the best fit for the site. The ISP2 removes the need for any operator to visit the unit.


Providing solution to power:
The ISP is a hybrid wind and solar powered unit that provides remote and urban locations with a permanent, renewable power solution. This clean-tech product is an off-grid, standalone power source.

  • Colour Analyser – to assess water quality.
  • Turbidity Meter – to assess water quality.
  • Large 250mm Penstock Valves (x2).
  • Other instruments.
  • A Control System – taking feedback from the water quality devices and power to open/close the valves sending or stopping water to/from Lough Braden.

The unit includes a 300 W wind turbine, two 260 W solar panels, two batteries providing and storing power for up to 3 days. It also features an Airsynergy hybrid wind/solar controller and a router for remote monitoring and management.
ISP2 unit is providing the power to drive the penstock valves allowing automatic water sampling, and continuous monitoring and for operation without the requirement for a resource to travel across rough remote terrain.


Airsynergy continuously logs machine data on an ongoing basis so the technical team can monitor the performance and anticipate problems. Due to the ISP’s satisfactory performance and evident customer satisfaction, Airsynergy has begun developing an offering to various water management companies for similar solutions.

Please check out the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML60fW6TDYY

Northern Ireland Water