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Airsynergy’s Independent Smart Pole (ISP) provided 24/7 off-grid power to support CCTV surveillance for warehouse security.


Total Splicing Solutions is a telecommunications contractor based in Newcastle, Lucan, Dublin. The company provides fibre optic services and other resources to major telecom and network implementation companies. TSS required CCTV security surveillance on their warehouse facility that stores high net value fibre optic cabling and is located in a remote section of an industrial park with possible illegal access through the rear of warehouse building.

Wind and solar analyses were undertaken on the TSS site. The site location met the criteria for ISP and was found to be a suitable location for an Airsynergy installation in support of low power CCTV cameras.


The Independent Smart Pole 1 (ISP1) was determined to be the best fit for the site. The ISP is a hybrid wind and solar powered unit that provides remote and urban locations with a permanent, renewable power solution. This clean-tech product is an off-grid, standalone power source. There was no power to the remote area of the TSS site, and mobile generators would have created noise pollution to neighbouring business units in the vicinity of the compound. An off-grid remote power supply solution, provided by the ISP1, was an ideal and economical solution for the client.

One unit was installed and surveillance hardware applied was a total of three Avigilon CCTV Bullet cameras and a recording device. This transmits the signal by 3G to the customers’ head offices, based in Donegal. Each unit includes a 300 W wind turbine, two 260 W solar panels, and two AGM (lead-acid) batteries. It also features an Airsynergy hybrid wind/solar controller and a router for remote monitoring and management.


The system has been operating to the complete satisfaction of the client and provides the reassurance of 24/7/365 live monitoring without the need to be connected to the main electricity grid.

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