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Airsynergy’s Independent Smart Pole (ISP) provides controlled lighting through an off-grid energy solution on this 360 acre organization campus.


Based in Co. Kildare, located on a 360-acre facility that houses and produces silicon microprocessors, this organization required a solution to power lighting at the main access roundabout of their facility. Due to the location of the roundabout at main entrance where availability to connect to existing streetlight would have been prohibitive in cost and time of closing the entrance, inconvenience to staff and re-routing of vehicle routes. The ISP offered an off-grid, renewable energy solution.

An initial desktop assessment and site survey was conducted in June 2017. Wind and solar resource was assessed to determine suitability of the application. Ground conditions were examined to determine required foundation works, traffic management arrangements and scope of works division between Airsynergy and onsite contractors.


The Independent Smart Pole 1 (ISP1) was determined to be the best fit for the site. The ISP is a hybrid wind and solar powered unit that provides urban and remote locations with a permanent, renewable power solution. This clean-tech product is an off-grid, standalone power source. The facilities underground electrical cabling was found to be unsuitable to support traditional lighting, and trenching costs to replace the cabling were prohibitive. An off-grid power solution was absolutely necessary.

Two units were installed in late 2017. Both units included a single LED light for illuminating the roundabout at the entrance as well as banners for branding purposes. Each unit includes a 300 W wind turbine, two 260 W solar panels, two AGM (lead-acid) batteries, one LED lamp, and one banner. It also features an Airsynergy hybrid wind/solar controller and a router for remote monitoring and management.


Both ISP1 units are performing remarkably providing lighting through pre-determined settings that can be modified on clients requests. The LED lights have been successful in illuminating the roundabout at the entrance. Airsynergy has aided this global organization in furthering their commitment to renewable energy, corporate responsibility, and a healthier planet.

Airsynergy continuously logs machine data on an ongoing basis so the technical team can monitor the performance and anticipate problems. Due to the ISP’s satisfactory performance and evident customer satisfaction, Airsynergy has begun developing a further off-grid security solutions for this campus.

Microprocessor Manufacturer - Lighting