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Tue, January 14, 2020

An industry said to be worth 16.65 billion US dollars by 2023 and growing in the future. An industry striving on renewable energy, working towards providing a sustainable and greener planet. Smart poles are considered to be the first step towards creating smart cities. With the onset of the new decade smart pole is going to revolutionise how we use energy in our daily lives.

We are in the age of smart gadgets. We love our smartphones, smartwatches, smart cameras, and smart voice assistants. In case you thought that you had seen it all, you’d be pleasantly surprised that the next big thing in the smart machine space would be the smart poles. The smart poles plan to take over the streets quite literally. The reason for this global shift is the multi-functionality of smart poles. These intelligent poles are equipped with Wi-fi, LED lighting, traffic cameras which would help with road safety, motion detectors, security cameras and much more. Not to forget, smart poles run completely on renewable or natural energy helping us reduce the carbon footprint on the planet.

What is a Smart Pole?

A smart pole is a fully integrated machine that, unlike conventional street light poles, smart poles are capable of providing features that fit in the realm of creating smart cities. Smart Pole applications include lighting, environmental monitoring, security and surveillance, public safety and traffic management.

What can Smart Poles do?

You should be asking, what can’t a smart pole do?

Contrary to the popular belief Smart poles are capable of much more than just providing street lights. They have various applications

Traffic Management Systems

Smart poles can provide an independent recording and intelligent video analytics for general surveillance, incident monitoring and traffic policing. Additionally, a VMS system can be attached to cloud-based archiving over a cyber secure 4G/5G network.

Environmental Monitoring

One of the best functions of smart poles is their ability to power critical environmental infrastructure for quality monitoring like flood monitoring, air pollution monitoring etc. The abilities of smart poles to analyse water quality, air quality and tracking the feedback to anticipate any future issues are truly remarkable. You can read about Airsynergy’s work in this field here.https://www.airsynergy.ie/case-studies/entry/northern-ireland-water


Tele-Communication uses sector antennas or Yagi and masts extensively for cellular signals. Smart poles can be customised to be fitted with Wi-Fi, cellular antennas and wireless backhaul. Airsynergy’s Independent smart pole is capable of hosting the latest 5G network as well.


Smart poles use LED ( Light-emitting diodes) for illuminating streets. You can already witness the erection of smart poles in Toronto (Canada). An estimated 1.4 billion canadian dollars have been saved which would have been used for trenching and cabling of the project if done by conventional methods. You can read about Airsynergy’s work in this field here.https://www.airsynergy.ie/case-studies/entry/Microprocessor-manufacturer-lighting

Public Safety

Smart poles can be customised to the requirements of the clients. Smart poles can be equipped with video cameras, two -way audio, panic buttons or emergency telephones for public safety in both remote and urban areas as well

Security &SurveillanceSmart poles are well equipped with bullet and IP cameras ,recording devices and access control equipment. Additionally, they can transmit the data through 3G/4G signals to the client’s destination office. This is a perfect solution for monitoring remote sites or even private properties.You can read about Airsynergy’s work in this field here. https://www.airsynergy.ie/case-studies/entry/continental-tyres-germany

Evolving Technology

Similar to all innovations, smart poles too are an evolving field of technology. Airsynergy’s Independent Smart Pole(ISP) is an example of the latest technology. The ISP works as a hybrid model using both wind and solar energy to generate power.

Airsynergy keeps the client’s requirements as the top priority and are pioneers in the field of customised solutions. For more information, you can reach us at.https://www.airsynergy.ie/contact-us

The Smart Pole Revolution