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Mon, February 03, 2020

Greta Thunberg made a powerful speech at Davos 2020, about the urgent need for the world to stay below the 1.5-degree target to completely reduce our global carbon footprint.

Researchers found that 100 highest-emitting urban areas accounted for 18% of the global carbon footprint alone. Mostly, the three largest urban areas of any country drive more than one-quarter of their national emissions. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to keep track of the emissions, let alone control the rise of these hazardous environmental elements.

Governments and leaders worldwide have realised that to manage the growing greenhouse gases we need to equip nations with self-sustaining power solutions. This is not only a greener alternative but also a more affordable one in the long run. Off-grid Smart Poles, such as Airsynergy’s Independent Smart Pole offer an alternative and green approach to powering many devices required in our urban, suburban and rural environments. These intelligent poles are not only removing devices from an overburdened grid but can also help us move towards a decarbonised future.

An interesting application of the Independent Smart Pole is to monitor and measure what is going on in the environment around us – in the water, air, ground and indeed structures.

Air Quality Measurement

Air pollutants are a major cause of diseases like Asthma, respiratory infections, lung diseases, cardiovascular issues, etc. In the United Kingdom, about forty thousand premature deaths are due to poor air quality. A primary reason for the uncontrolled risks of air pollution is the lack of air monitoring. Airsynergy’s Independent Smart Pole can be equipped with air monitoring sensors which can trace harmful gases and other pollutants present in the environment. For Example, Carbon Monoxide(CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Ozone (O3), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and other gases as well as airborne particulate matter. Airsynergy’s Independent Smart Pole coupled with a Zephyr® air pollution sensor developed by our partner Earthsense (www.earthsense.co.uk) can provide accurate real-time data on air quality. For dust monitoring, Airsynergy’s Partner TSI (https://www.tsi.com) has developed the DustTrakTM Environmental Aerosol Monitor for accurate measurement of PM2.5 and PM10 either simultaneously or individually. DustTrakTM Environmental Monitors are MCERTS certified for use as Indicative Particle Monitors and compatible with a variety of sensors to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gases and more.

Water Quality

Waterborne diseases are solely responsible for approximately 3.4 million deaths a year globally. There are many sources of pollution of our waterways, including from industry, agriculture and transportation. Actively monitoring water quality is essential to human health. One source of water pollution can be factories dumping their waste, oil spills, raw untreated sewage directly into water bodies. Airsynergy’s Independent Smart Pole can be fitted with water monitoring sensors that can analyse the pH balance, turbidity, conductivity, and temperature. Additionally, water monitors can also track the Bromide (Br-), Chloride (Cl-), Calcium (Ca2+), and Ammonium content present in the water. You can read Airsynergy’s case study here for further information.https://www.airsynergy.ie/case-studies/entry/northern-ireland-water-isp

Structure Monitoring

Structural monitoring is a process involving the observation of a structural system like road and rail bridges over time using response measurements from the structure in operation. Off grid smart poles can be used to power these sensors (often inertial accelerometers) in locations where power availability may be an issue such as on-road or rail bridges. The data collected through monitoring programmes helps to identify damage being imparted on the structures which can be used to predict time to failure and facilitating proactive maintenance programmes

Noise & Vibration Monitoring

Noise pollution causes both health and behavioural impacts. Noise pollution is a cause of worry not only for humans but for animal welfare too. A study performed at Queen’s University Belfast revealed that more than 100 species are under threat due to noise pollution. Transport including road, rail and air traffic, construction activities, and industrial processes can be the source of harmful noise pollution into our environment. Environmental protection agencies set limits for noise emissions when granting work permits and planning approval for site developments. This sets an onus on the service operator or process owner (an airport or quarry for example) to ensure that these noise pollution limits are not exceeded.

Weather Monitoring

Urban & country councils are interested in understanding weather patterns to understand impacts on floodplains, reservoirs, water treatment, and stormwater drainage systems. The agriculture sector uses information for planning crop management and movement of livestock. Transport authorities and organisers of public events rely on weather data for planning and providing advance notification of changes in weather patterns.Energy providers (e.g. wind farm and hydroelectric power generation operators) rely heavily on accurate data for predictive models as they strive for improving the accuracy of their forecasts. Independent Smart Pole can power weather stations to capture air temperature, pressure, humidity, rain gauge, wind speed and direction, light levels and solar irradiation, all simultaneously.

Evolving Technology

Airsynergy’s Independent Smart Pole (ISP) is a family off of off-grid power products, which are evolving all of the time. The ISP works as a hybrid model using both wind and solar energy, coupled with a substantial battery storage pack to generate power for different applications including environmental monitoring and control as described earlier. Airsynergy’s ISP can run a wide variety of other applications across communications, surveillance, traffic management, public safety and lighting. For more information, reach us at- https://www.airsynergy.ie/contact-us

Here’s How Off-Grid Smart Poles Help Our Environment