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Thu, April 02, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. With the death toll crossing twenty thousand people and rising by the minute. The whole planet has come to a screeching halt.

The majority of countries have been in a nationwide lockdown. That has resulted in extreme changes in the daily lifestyles of thousands of people. Which in turn have led to changes in our environment as well.

China has been in quarantine since the end of January. The virus shut down has caused everything to close be it schools, shops or factories. This sudden shift has made millions of Chinese citizens change their daily lifestyles. Everyone isolated themselves in their homes and no one stepped out. Emptying the streets, offices, and universities all over. The lack of mobility and closing down of almost all industries was described by an expert as the ‘largest-scale experiment ever.’

The outcome of this unintentional experiment was surprisingly pleasant. NASA found out using their satellites in space, that during this quarantine period the air quality of China improved significantly.

The Nitrogen Oxide content in the air decreased by ten to thirty percent in this short duration of time. The data was collected by ESA’s Sentinel-5P.

Nitrogen dioxide is released by vehicles, power plants and other industrial processes. Also known to be the root of many respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis. The lack of movement has not only decreased air pollution but cleansed the air and improved air quality.

Similar changes have been witnessed in other parts of the world, countries like South Korea, Italy, and the United Kingdom have witnessed a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Now, that the world is living a life of a low carbon economy accidentally. Activists are urging people to continue on the same path. Even though the Scientists have marvelled at the current results. They have been very vocal in implying that this is a temporary situation and severe steps need to be taken to be functioning as a low carbon economy.

These circumstances have made the world realise the importance of Environmental monitoring. Low air quality is often the underlying cause of premature deaths, especially in urban areas.

An interesting application of the Aisrynergy’s Independent Smart Pole is to monitor and measure what is going on in the environment around us – in the water, air, ground and indeed structures.

Air pollutants like Nitrogen Oxide are a major cause of diseases like Asthma, respiratory infections, lung diseases, cardiovascular issues, etc. Airsynergy’s Independent Smart Pole coupled with a Zephyr® air pollution sensor developed by our partner Earthsense (www.earthsense.co.uk) can provide accurate real-time data on air quality. For dust monitoring, Airsynergy’s Partner TSI (https://www.tsi.com) has developed the DustTrakTM Environmental Aerosol Monitor for accurate measurement of PM2.5 and PM10 either simultaneously or individually. DustTrakTM Environmental Monitors are MCERTS certified for use as Indicative Particle Monitors and compatible with a variety of sensors to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gases and more.

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COVID-19 & Climate Change