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Wed, December 11, 2019

Global Energy and CO₂ Status Report 2017 stated that energy demands globally have risen by 2.1%. The current state of our depleting energy resources is primarily due to global warming emissions coupled with the rapid decline of fossil fuels, coal, and oil. It’s safe to say that the frequent climate change patterns are leading towards an intense Energy crisis all over the world. Researchers predict with the current rate of our energy needs by the year 2050 we will burn out all available energy reserves on Earth.

Witnessing the current situation, it’s evident that sustainable and greener alternatives are required to regulate energy consumption. Off-grid systems have been used to provide power for about 30 years now especially in remote and rural areas. But with the changing environmental landscape, it’s important to push this system for mainstream use.

What is Off-Grid Power Solution?

As the name suggests Off-The-Grid is a stand-alone power system that is not connected to a utility power grid. An off-grid system works as a large battery and stores power. Which can be used later. An off-grid power solution runs completely on renewable energy. For example solar power or wind energy or in the case of our products both.

How are off-grid systems better?

As off-grid power systems work solely on renewable energy resources they are a greener alternative compared to the on-grid system. Additionally, an off-grid system by design is much more environmentally friendly and practical for widespread use.

Reduced Carbon FootPrint

An off-grid system has no dependence on fossil fuels, therefore, it’s proven to have a minimized carbon footprint in comparison to on-grid technologies. Which helps control greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming.

Controlling Pollution

It is a well-known fact that the use of coal and natural gas plant emissions has caused air pollution which leads to various respiratory diseases, ischemic heart diseases to name a few. According to a study conducted at Harvard University, an estimated life cycle costs on public health effects of coal is approx estimated $74.6 billion per year. Off-Grid power solutions are designed to be cleantech and are not associated with any air pollutants. They provide clean energy without harming the environment.

Zero Waste

Natural gas drilling and coal mining, both these processes release their waste in natural water bodies contaminating aquatic life and compromising drinking water for humans. By design, Off-grid power systems are unable to generate waste.

Additionally, Off-grid power systems do not require water consumption to generate power, unlike all thermal power plants where water is required for cooling.

Unlimited Energy

Unlike Fossil fuel reserves the sources of renewable energy are inexhaustible resources. Off-grid allows source power locally through sun and wind. Our unique off-grid power system provides 24/7 continuous power guaranteeing zero power outages.


Countries all over the world have realized the importance and benefits of Off-Grid power systems. One of the main goals under the Irish government’s climate action plan is to host 70% of the country’s electricity from renewable energy by the year 2030. Countries like Iceland and Sweden have achieved the goal of being 100% renewable and using clean energy. Presently, Off-grid power systems are being viewed as a practical solution and an alternative for on-grid energy systems. Technological innovations in the off-grid industry are growing day by day to suit the needs of clients.

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Off-Grid Power Solution For A Greener Tomorrow